The Fine Line of Some BDSM

You probably are or definitely should be if you’re not, spending a lot of time in therapy if you either feel the need to be disgraced in this manner or feel the need to do this to someone.

That is my stance on this kind of thing in general but this is not the real deal, it’s porn, it’s fantasy.

I can promise you that couples who have a healthy enough sex life to feel comfortable with role play and on occasion play out the rape fantasy don’t secretly desire being raped. It’s just not what this kind of thing is about.

It’s difficult to understand, I think for someone who was brought up as conservatively as I was, but I think I’m coming to grips with a lot better than I used to to the point where I can detach the reality sense that wants to overwhelm me and accept that it’s just playing out fantasy.

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So much Nostalgia in the Name

If you recognise the logo, which I deliberately left off to make you have a look, you can consider yourself old. Pretty much exactly as I had to admit to myself when I caught myself having a good chuckle.

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The site features scenes around the step-family genre and adds a cheeky touch of parody and satire here and there which makes for a very refreshing change, a unique site and a satisfying experience.

This is the highlight site of the month for me across all genres.

Brazzers. Dafuq Else Is There To Say?

Look at the stupid grin on that lucky mofo’s face. Yes, of course I’m jealous, he has a blond slapper ho-bag chewing on hos cock looking like she wished she could drown herself on it.

Choke it we know she can and by the look of her make-up do, she probably will. Tears running down her cheeks drawing streaks of make-up and mascara on her face like she’s being badly abused. In the meantime she can’t get enough of it.

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Who’s Brazzers? Seriously?

If so, maybe start a step or two down the ladder before you jump in the deep end. If you have the balls though, Brazzers is one of the absolute premiere porn production house on the planet.