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And, you know, this works both ways. There’s some hot guys here for the ladies too. Actually, when you sign up — which is completely free by the way — you can choose your gender as male, female, or both and that you are looking for male, female, or both. Anyway, it’s the top place to meet women for casual sex hookups.

What’s great about this site is that it’s completely free — I suppose it has to be that way for legal purposes. You can’t pay someone for sex, unless it’s being filmed, I think. That’s what I understand the laws to be in the States, anyway.

What this is has more to do with what two consenting adults agree to do; it’s not about porn. You want a date? Great, here’s where you can find people. Want sex? Great, here’s where you’ll find like-minded individuals looking for the same thing, rather than a large house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. Some of these people already have that, and they’ve gone underground to appease that other life they need to let loose once in a while.

Go check things out if you’re one of those people or, at least, more than willing to assist someone with allowing their inner demons out to play.

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